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  Post  Post subject: Are Other Church Buildings Nicer?  |  Posted: Sun Dec 04, 2016 3:35 am

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I am remembering things from my childhood that other classmates were allowed to do but I was not.

I did not understand why I could not drink is one example. Music, Film, and Television is another example.

And the shiney stained glass windows that lit up at night is another example. I remember being so young that all I wanted to do was go inside the beautiful building and wondered why that building looked nicer and why that building "was not ours". I also got in trouble for even asking such questions.

I do not like church of any kind now. And I am not completely familiar with buildings of other religions or demonations. But I did not ever encounter any More Men church buildings, or even some of the temples, that have things such as stained glass windows.

It seems that the More Men buildings are adequate. They are just there. It's almost as if they were designed on a bad budget. They usually have carpet and they also have chalkboards even though Dry Erase is a 1960s invention. Buildings "erected" in the 1990s should have them. "Classrooms" the size of offices, foldable accordian walls, and the frames of the buildings are usually made of wood. The exterior walls are brick but the interior walls are usually cheep sheetrock or (whatever they are called ... cheap material that you could fall through if you fell hard enough.) And you might even say that the chapels are too small because they have multiple wards sharing the same Meeting House.

The windows are frosted to where you can't see out of (perhaps to resemble a dungeon), but there is no stained glass. You might encounter globe lights or chandeliers hanging from the chapel ceiling, but this isn't any different than from any building made in the early 20th century. I remember the hanging globe lights from my former middle school auditorium and the teachers said that the classrooms used to have hanging globe lights as well.

My observation of LDS buildings is that they are designed on a bad budget and the interior of the buildings and sometimes even the landscape generates an atmosphere that feels lifeless.

Perhaps not every LDS building is like this. (or is it?)

Post  Post subject: Re: Are Other Church Buildings Nicer?  |  Posted: Sun Dec 04, 2016 9:49 am

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Love your More Men quip!

Historically the people gave everything they had, Nauvoo for example.

You make interesting points. Smith was always more of a protestant rather than a catholic and this probably influenced the building designs and so does today too.

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Post  Post subject: Re: Are Other Church Buildings Nicer?  |  Posted: Mon Dec 05, 2016 8:45 am

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Stained glass? never that I've seen.

We met in another denomination's building once upon a time. Later in a school. Then we purchased a country club building and it had big clear windows looking out at the trees ... that was the best.

Last LDS Building was pretty new and very utility. It was a growing stake in a growing area with a temple right there, so it drew Mormons to it's boundaries. That building had 4 wards meeting in it by the end, 2 in the morning, 2 in the afternoon. The pairs overlapped.

But it's prettier than where I meet now. After leaving Mormonism I have gone Christian and we meet in a building that looks like a big warehouse. I've seen some places on the other end of the spectrum; Duke Chapel is loaded on gothic stone work and stained glass. And I've visited lots of places that seem about on par with the LDS buildings, though different.

In the end, I prefer the places where less is spent on stuff. The more stuff you have, the more programs you have, the more rigid the structure becomes and the more religious it feels. Monthly bills and loads of programs become jobs produce a beast that must be fed.

In the early days churches met in houses. "Church" was a term for the body of believers, not a building. In my time, the most free worship times have been when we met at people's houses and even then, one of those settings broke down over (and this is my perception) money. He incurred costs and people didn't chip in enough to cover them they way he wanted them to be covered. Feelings got hurt and that was that.

Anyway, that's my 2 cents.


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Post  Post subject: Re: Are Other Church Buildings Nicer?  |  Posted: Fri Jan 13, 2017 10:43 pm

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I came from being Catholic to being Mormon (have since gone back to the Catholic Church.), so the stark looking churches that looked more like a community club hall I found disheartening. I thought it was just because I was used to the often ornate beauty of Roman Catholicism..but the meeting area didn't seem sacred at all. No crosses anywhere, ever, also creeped me out. That was explained to me and again, tried to reason that it was just a different tradition, like the plainer Protestant churches I've been in.

I was told to just wait til I saw the temple..I only got as far as the baptistry, and while there was kind of an odd beauty to it, it honestly reminded me more of a fancy hotel than a holy place. I chalked it up again to cultural differences, but I honestly felt the presence of God more when I walked around outside the temple grounds than inside. I kept wanting to feel something and didn't.

ETA: It wasn't so much the lack of stained glass and statues (although that is to my taste, admittedly) that was off was that I felt no sense at all that the meeting places were sacred or that anything sacred was going on, other than briefly in prayer or from an especially moving song. I've been in stark modernist Catholic Churches and very plain Protestant churches where I clearly felt it was sacred, in the mormon buildings I felt like I was at a community club.

Post  Post subject: Re: Are Other Church Buildings Nicer?  |  Posted: Fri Apr 14, 2017 5:49 pm

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I've visited 2 LDS 'churches' and agree about the absence of any sense of spirituality. They felt more like community centres than sacred places. Very flat energy and not inspirational. The hymns were dull - nothing uplifting seemed to be going on. Felt nothing like any other church services I'd attended.

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Post  Post subject: Are Other Church Buildings Nicer?  |  Posted: Sat Apr 15, 2017 1:03 am
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Scousette1 wrote:
I've visited 2 LDS 'churches' and agree about the absence of any sense of spirituality. They felt more like community centres than sacred places. Very flat energy and not inspirational. The hymns were dull - nothing uplifting seemed to be going on. Felt nothing like any other church services I'd attended.

Mormonism had better watch out!
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There is a number 1 Google search floating around that says, "Wishing The Mormon Jesus Would Just Go To Hell", so guess what? If he could do that for me, personally die on that cross for me and thereby rescue my soul by dying. Nothing can stop me from visiting Mormonism the Easter weekend and not juat any ordinary LDS chapel or building. I'll have visited the one place I really didn't think I'd ever return to. It's the site of my baptism. The site of my Mormon baptism.

I have faith in only Jesus now, not in the terrible backwardness of Joseph Smith or the blob of a LDS prophet Thomas S. Monson or Mormon this or LDS that.

I'll be my high energy self, I'll spend time with the two stationed greeters near to the front lobby and I'll be super friendly, fun and overall, nothing short of fantastic and cool and nice and fun. Oh, I said fun already didn't I?

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