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Due To Romney 31:6 Be Strong And Of Good Courage
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Author:  joseph's myth [ Mon Jan 09, 2017 3:25 am ]
Post subject:  Due To Romney 31:6 Be Strong And Of Good Courage

Thomas S. Monson might be about on his own death bed pretty soon, so be strong and maybe think of Romney but not Mitt or Mormonism, Deuteronomy thirty one-six.

Coincidentally, Jesus so loved the world, he... John 3:16


Don't dare and inadvertently place your feet on ever shifting sands of Mormonism, poor poor Mormonism. Sorry, I know this can be tough.

Nothing says you still cannot be of good cheer.

Author:  joseph's myth [ Wed Jan 25, 2017 5:31 am ]
Post subject:  Due To Romney 31:6 Be Strong And Of Good Courage

Annndddd... due to Trump, heeeerrre's Frontline! Gheeezzee, sometimes these folks almost seem really slow. ... trademark/

Were we a bit too hard on Mitt Romney, and is this what helped create The Donald and his trademark "Make America Great Again" forty one percent of the USA population might still seem to be struggling a bit with? Should we try and dare tell of the second trademark "Keep America Great" or just wait for his second term?

Try and always remember, it was chicken-mitt (pigeon poop) in avoiding ever taking a single solitary (in depth) real interview with Meet The Press, 60 Minutes, Face The Nation or 20/20. Sorry Frontline, for leaving you on the sideline all of these years but you're more of the commentary type and an already sliced wrapped and prepackaged type of show.

Recalling now, the fake fake news was already being tailored and groomed back then. This stuff with CNN and the stupid stuff the NY Times tries and manufacture isn't all that great or new.

Author:  joseph's myth [ Tue Feb 07, 2017 5:44 am ]
Post subject:  Due To Romney 31:6 Be Strong And Of Good Courage

You'd better be strong, better be real strong! Here he comes, since (OGH) Orrin Grant Hatch may be done and the next runner up in this inbred state's beauty contest might just be ol' Mitt for the open Senate spot. ... e-in-2018/

Accidental Mormon Inbreeding produces votes in the older shrinking "Utah Territories" so anything can happen and nothing is off the table. Romney says so himself, heh. Remember, it was Mitt's dad who had multiple moms in a polygamy ranch just on the other side of the border in Mexico. Not an immigrant though, they were hiding from the Fed's while doing the polygamy thing.

Since when is inbreeding tolerable? Tolerance? Really? We need to teach tolerance?
OIC, now it's religious persecution??? Somebody's gotta shut these goofs up, please?


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