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Post  Post subject: Good Ship Zion  |  Posted: Wed Oct 05, 2016 4:48 pm
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The only talk I listened to this last conference was Ballard's. Only because it stirred up so much crap on reddit and other sites. It was directed at newmos and exmos. The key phrase was "If you leave, where will you go?" It's akin to what an abusive spouse would say to the abused trying to leave the relationship. After he rambled on about trying to compare the church to Chirst where many disciples left, Jesus asking the 12 if they would also leave him. Their response was "Where would we go?" Toward the end, Ballard drums up the old metaphor about the Good Ship Zion and how we should never let go, especially if it gets stormy. My brother mentioned that this goes against the story where Christ asked Peter to leave the boat and go to him across the water.

I also got some entertainment about the leaked videos of the internal briefings at the COB. Reddit also provides a good summary of those if you don't want to sit through them all:
TBMs will say "See, those old guys really are hip to current events." Exmos will say "See, so much for revelation in setting policies, they just take biased information from their skewed research cronies to support their decisions."

There's plenty of threads out there to read through. Zelph on a Shelf was a good one. Here's a couple of new memes for your enjoyment up on Google+, so I'm not sure they will work directly, but they do appear if you right-click and show in a new tab:



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Post  Post subject: Re: Good Ship Zion  |  Posted: Sun Oct 09, 2016 4:10 pm
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"hot linking" sometimes doesn't work. If you just give the url, allowing whoever clicks on it to go to the actual page, we'll be able to check out those images. :)

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