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Post  Post subject: Want to remove name- Still living with mormon family  |  Posted: Fri May 05, 2017 9:58 pm

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Hello, like many others I'm completely new to this process and have kind of a specific situation that I would like to ask advice on if anyone has the time. I'm in my late 20s, raised mormon, most of my family is mormon- but those who aren't haven't taken the official legal steps and process to leave, they just went inactive and moved away and I have no examples to base my situation on.

My parents and siblings all know I'm inactive, have been for a number of years. I've spoken to my parents about leaving before, they don't have serious issues with my leaving (aside from just some gentle sadness). I do however live with my mormon Aunt. She's also not a concern as far as acceptance even if I leave, however, she is a regular church goer and her visiting teachers and church friends come over often. My concern isn't over being thrown out or not accepted, more just "will it complicate things for my living situation and my aunt" if I legally request no further contact from church members, since they would still want to come over to see her. I'm also rarely at home if that makes any difference, my job is across the city and my commute is crazy- I barely encounter her church friends as it is.

I copied a sample resignation letter and put in a personal line saying "I want no contact from church members regarding my decision" as not to completely threaten anyone with NO contact if they come near my aunts house (and potentially complicate her relationships), and I'm aware that if they really wanted this can be exploited as a 'loophole' to get visits to me as long as they're not questioning me about my decision, but that's fine. As long as my membership is legally removed and they know not to pester me about coming back Im fine with being friendly while I live with her. And once I can move out on my own, I'll not retain contact with the church at all.

All that explained... am I over complicating it in my head? Or is it a legitimate concern that living with mormon family will complicate my leaving if I use a legal letter? Thank you for your time and patience if you read all this, I really appreciate it.

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Post  Post subject: Want to remove name- Still living with mormon family  |  Posted: Sat May 06, 2017 12:57 am
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Hi kkdoodl, I see where you're head's at, I think. It may be clogging your brain cells unnecessarily, y'see, after a while you'll likely jump at the chance to go and talk with somebody like a couple of Mormon mishies. Never really going far out of my way but I can easily run into some now and again.

And boy oh boy, if any of my friends happen to be around they smile big because they know it's gonna be good!

Can you just imagine? I ask a lot of questions and I can quickly get em on the defense so I try and tread extra light and softly. And, I listen.

Maybe my favorite line is, "So tell me, what do you think about all of the Internet disinformation on Mormonism found online and in circulation?" just for an icebreaker. You never know until you set the windsock.

I always start off slow with what town are you from, just to see how open they are. I try and be genuine because really, I am genuinely concerned.
I have so much information for them and likely they can sense something most times. Like drinking from a firehose is what one said last time.

Here, I'll give you a freebie. "Did you know Kirtland Ohio (First Mormon Temple Site) is only about nineteen minutes from Paineville?" I laugh if they say it's closer than that!


God of Poly-Folly Folly

{If you believe in things that you don't understand, then you suffer ~Stevie Wonder}

God of Poly-Folly Folly

Post  Post subject: Re: Want to remove name- Still living with mormon family  |  Posted: Sat May 06, 2017 11:16 am
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Nothing wrong with looking ahead for ones self as you obviously already have accomplished by looking into the TSCC's authentic history and backing off from further future involvement. You currently have the knowledge necessary to demonstrate ( if needed) to these people of concern, that they are now seriously misled and leave it at that. If they invite an open discussion, that's one thing in your favor. You can have fun now and walk away smiling.

"When authority masquerades as a power, a simple question will unmask it."

"Just because you think, feel, or believe something is true, doesn't make it true!"

"The doubt of your faith, is not God testing you, but truth trying to emerge and free you."

Post  Post subject: Re: Want to remove name- Still living with mormon family  |  Posted: Sun May 07, 2017 1:02 pm

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Hi! :)

How wonderful that you care about your Auntie in this way.

I would say resignation will have no effect on your aunts friends and VT/HT carrying on their relationships with her.

You don't need any legal letter. Just email your personal resignation in.

To: Confidential Records:
Subject: Resignation of membership in LDS church

My full name is ______; my date of birth is ____________ . [I was baptized on ___(date). My membership number is ______.]
My residence address is _______ [in the ________ ward/branch].

I hereby resign my membership in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, effective immediately, and request you to remove my name permanently from your membership records. I wish no further contact from representatives of your church except to confirm that my name has been removed from your records. I expect to receive that confirmation within a reasonably short time.

This can all be over in 2-8 weeks. :)

It will be fine.
My very best to you and to your Aunt.

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