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Post  Post subject: Got my acknowledgement letter and have a question  |  Posted: Mon Mar 07, 2016 3:45 pm

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I sent in my resignation email 6 weeks ago and I heard nothing. So I sent it again, this time with much more stern tone. I finally today got my letter saying this is an ecclesiastical matter. I hope to have my names and my children's removed soon. My children were never baptized but since the church has been dropping by a lot way after their bedtime asking for my young daughter I thought it best to add their names to my letter. My kids have 0 interest in going to church, and think it is very strange that complete strangers think it is ok to drop by weekly after 9pm on a school night. I am dreading having anything to do with our bishop, but since I have never met the man I think I will be fine. Not like I will ever see or speak to him again. We have no family in our area, so I am not anticipating any issues with being cut off from them, and all our friends are not Mormon.

Since my kids were never baptized, but the two oldest were blessed, would their resignation get these unwanted visits to stop? We have never attended the local ward, and have not been inside a Mormon church in almost 15 years. Any info would help me with dealing with the bishop.

My husband wants to resign, but he said he will wait to see how mine goes before sending in his letter. His dad and step-mom are super religious, so he is using us as guinea pigs, which I am totally fine with. I just want to cut all ties with the church.

Post  Post subject: Re: Got my acknowledgement letter and have a question  |  Posted: Tue Mar 08, 2016 12:22 pm

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After the blessing has been performed, a certificate is provided that details the date of the blessing and who officiated; it is signed by the presiding officer of the ward or branch. A membership record is created for children who receive this blessing: they are counted as members of the church and described as "children of record". They remain on the church rolls unless they reach adulthood without being baptized or a request for name removal is received from their legal guardians. Children who were blessed in the church become confirmed members of the church when they receive the ordinances of baptism and confirmation, normally soon after their eighth birthday. ... f_children

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Post  Post subject: Re: Got my acknowledgement letter and have a question  |  Posted: Tue Mar 08, 2016 1:44 pm

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Hi Kalma,

I would be that the bishop is in fear of a conversation with you just as much.

As far as leaving, as long as anybody in the household is a member, they have excuses to people y'all. If they fear you, fear catching your anti-Mormonness, they will leave y'all alone, unless they are idiots and the world has it's fair share of idiots.


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