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Post  Post subject: Unwanted Contact  |  Posted: Sun Jul 22, 2012 8:40 am
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Even if you have requested “no contact”, the local Bishop, Stake President, Relief Society President, Home Teachers, Visiting Teachers and other Ward Members may and most likely will try to contact you.

You will most likely be “love bombed”, which is the act of anonymously placing food (cookies, cakes, breads) on your doorstep with notes stating how much you are loved, and how much they miss you.

Be prepared for all of this. You can either ask them to mind their business, or even create your own statement to read them. Realize anything you say that is against the Church, its doctrine or its leaders will be considered "Anti-Mormon" and you will either be ignored or your information not processed.

You will often be viewed as having committed some kind of sin - the most common are: Infidelity, pornography, drugs/alcohol, or being "offended".

If you have been in a local Ward for a number of years, be prepared for a backlash. Many who resign are ostracized by their neighbors, and even by co-workers who are Mormon. You may find yourself outright rejected, ignored and uninvited. Friendships you once had with Mormon neighbors may abruptly terminate.

Don't be frightened or intimidated. Think back to being a Mormon, and realize this is how you were taught. You were taught to fear and loathe those who fell away or those that would not “receive the true light of Christ”, and other terms.

Be strong, be prepared. You can get through this and move on with your life.

There is no expectation of privacy for anything that is said in a church setting (while you're still a member) ...

While researching the Norman Hancock vs LDS Inc case, I ran across the following statement (re: Marian Guinn vs Church of Christ Collinsville case):

"... the Oklahoma court found against Marian regarding the issue of internal confidentiality. Again churches are not required to maintain confidences there is no expectation of privacy (see Penley v. Westbrook for a modern example). This is something that comes up again and again in discussions regarding church discipline so its worth commenting here, that a member that talks within a church to another member has no legal rights of confidentiality. Readers here should note that if they want to maintain their legal rights, they should not discuss things in church or in a church capacity!" ... hrist.html

This is another reason - while you are a member of a church - to not say anything to anybody within a church setting.

The writer also points out: "That once someone quits instantly their legal protections against libel and slander are restored." ... -page.html

I take this to mean that bishops (and priests) are not compelled to maintain confidentiality of its members, but they may if they choose to. But once you've handed them the letter of resignation, then they need to keep their mouths shut, as they would be liable for damages ralating to any slander or libel.

When your parents receive their membership records to review in December during tithing settlement your membership status will show as non-member and your baptism & confirmation dates will be removed.

Read: MormonCurtain. Resign: MormonResignation. Recover: ExMormonForums.

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