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Post  Post subject: 30 Day Wait - or - Process Is Taking Too Long - Stalling  |  Posted: Sun Jul 22, 2012 8:39 am
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The Thirty Day Waiting Period.

The Mormon Church requires by its own handbook that anyone that requests Name Removal must wait 30 days. This occurs after the Bishop has received your resignation letter, has filled out the proper paperwork, and passed that paperwork onto the Stake President.

The rule of thumb if all goes well is 45 total days. This is the total time for your letter to reach and be processed by Mormon Church Membership Records, for that request to be forwarded to the local Bishop, for that paperwork to be completed and forwarded to the Stake President, and for that paperwork to then be sent back to Membership Records, and last but not least, a final termination letter sent to you stating your name has been removed.

Be patient, but be strong and persevere. If you have not heard anything back from Membership Records in two (2) weeks, again send your resignation letter.

Process Is Taking Too Long - Stalling

If after 50 days (enough time for the mail to process) you have not received your confirmation letter, call LDS Corporate Membership Records and inquire politely as to why you have not received confirmation. Explain the number of days that have passed. If you have been contacted, harassed or otherwise threatened with church courts, contacting Membership records should immediately stop these actions.

When I resigned, after 45 days I contacted Membership records again. Greg Dodge was very polite and contacted my Stake President and facilitated the paperwork. I received my confirmation letter shortly thereafter.

To inquire on your Resignation Status, contact Membership Records:

Member Records Division, LDS Church
50 E North Temple Rm 1372
SLC UT 84150-5310

801-240-2053 - Phone
801-240-1565 - Fax
1-800-453-3860 ext 22053 - Toll Free

Difficulties with resigning? Member Records now has a voice mail system and it is sometimes difficult to get through to a real person. Faxes seem to work, but actually talking to a real person can be more satisfying and they will usually tell you they will call the stake president or bishop about the situation. You can just talk to whichever clerk answers the phone, or you could try asking for Gregory Dodge. On letters from member records they list Mr. Dodge as the supervisor of the 'Member and Statistical Records Division'. Feel free to call often until you get results.

Read: MormonCurtain. Resign: MormonResignation. Recover: ExMormonForums.

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