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Post  Post subject: THE GOLD PLATES  |  Posted: Thu Mar 19, 2015 6:02 pm

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In 1827 during September,
which Mormons will always remember,
Joseph Smith from an angel received,
or was it the devil who deceived,
the records written by Nephi,
or possibly the plates of Lehi,
as delivered by Moroni.

The prophet was told
the plates of Ether to keep,
but on no account
to fall asleep.

For Mormons the Bible was insufficient;
to Mark Twain, Joseph's book
was not worth another look
since it was chloroform in print.

When Joseph had been digging for money
in New York's stone-hard ground,
he proclaimed, "Look what I have found;
a deal as sweet as honey!"

To the skeptics who flouted,
"This can't be Mormon's book,"
the prophet Joseph shouted,
"I am not a crook!"

When the lost 116 pages were taken,
by what Joseph claimed was Satan,
Martin Harris looked like a fool
especially when Lucifer appeared to him
in the form of a mule.

Martin said, "I have nothing to fear,
since Jesus visited me
transfigured like a deer."

To the plates' witnesses
the angel said, "Behold!"
But the fourth witness testified,
"It's only fool's gold!"

The Danites to number four said,
"Death to thee!"
Now there are only three.

To America Lehi brought
the plates of brass.
On the ship was also room
for one jackass.

For the new world
Nephi took the word of god.
His mother was satisfied
with Lehi's rod.

In the area of New York state,
the Nephites met their fate.
On the Cumorah Hill
Mormon paid the butcher's bill.

The Lamanites proved
might makes right
but lost their skin,
delightsome and white.

For the Nephites
who on a wooden raft
to America came,
exists no monument.

To the prophet Joseph's emolument
and large degree of fame,
he has a Vermont memorial stating:
"The World's Largest Shaft."

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