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Post  Post subject: Hey what happened to Mormon think how long is it been gone?  |  Posted: Wed Jul 05, 2017 11:14 am

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Hey so this is my second Post in this introductory forum I'll get right to the point,
Update I just checked and Mormon think is up now no idea what the problem was

But there's some things I wanted to share anyway so I'll just leave this up
my involvement with the church has b.een long and filled with a lot of study,

I realized several years ago that things were not as I was told,

on New Year's Day this year I began producing YouTube videos to fill what I perceived as a gap of a video based Library for lack of a better term, information Bank,

slightly disorganized on topics concerning the obvious problematic fact that the church is history has been Rewritten for obvious reasons.

The Brethren lie through their teeth now as they try and make the impossible sound normal ,

that the dodocile has changed substantially and that they've lied about everything under the sun Etc

so basically I've done a lot of the documenting in many of these videos showing primary source material including scriptures from so that people are able to press play and have the research done for them and they can go back and reaffirm things as they choose .

kind of like zelph on the Shelf doing" reading a Mormon apologetics so you don't have to"

I find them refreshing and inspiring and very likeable .

so as I was saying I've got a pretty good Bank of knowledge and Ia pretty strong hatred for the brebrren at this point ,

so I tried to do something with tha.

t and I feel there's a lot of good content in my videos technical issues occur occasionally and I do have a weakness for run-on sentences almost as bad as that of Joseph Smith nevertheless I think that it's useful and since I'm nude on YouTube and not an SEO Pro Etc I don't have a ton of use I have received some comments saying you deserve more of use and that sort of thing and at any rate last night got one from someone who suggested that I contact Mormon think and see if they'd like to link to some of my videos I thought what the heck I just started posting things on this site why not well guess what it ain't there.

I mean I just thought that Mormon Informant had some bad links or something when I happen to be heading some links that he gives and then I thought well I better go over to Mormon think on my own since his links are dead and yes what everything is dead on Mormon think I've been went to and I said yeah they're down anybody know anything? I'll probably post this elsewhere but here's a link for a couple couple links for some recent stuff although I have posted some things on the video link area last week this is newer stuff and the 1st 2 just the last couple days uploaded.

Honest Disclosure about the LDS Temple Endowment Hidden Things you should know b4 u Decide 2 go

The Hidden Teachings & History of the Temple that You Don't find on by Mormon Truth Videos

, 33 Things You've got to put on the Shelf to Believe that the Book of Mormon is True

Prove All Things, Joseph Smith's Books of Abraham, Moses D&C & JST of the Bible Truthfulness Tested

Truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and the LDS Church Provable !

Mormon Race & Truthfulness Issues in Gospel Topics Essay with the way of the Mister Mr Deity

DNA and Book of Mormon Descendants Receiving LDS Patriarchal Blessings Declaring Israelite lineage

Mormon Church Admits DNA Analysis says Native Americans are Asian & the Lamanites Just Vanished

Mormon Truth Debate Raging in the Gospel Topics Essays on

The Dishonesty of Mormon Apologetics on Facts are
the Problem Obfuscation is the Strategy

Zelph on the Shelf Busting
Mormon Mind Control in Deceptive Apologetics & Information Filtering

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