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Post  Post subject: I'm not Mormon, but they keep popping up in my life!  |  Posted: Fri Dec 12, 2014 1:27 pm

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Hey everyone! New here!

Here's my quick LDS story: My first semester in college in California I started going to LDS Bible study because it was friendly and social. After a few months I realized it was weird and didn't match my gut instint belief system. Then I moved next door to a missionary house. I was always visited by the new missionaries. One duo even saved me from being trapped on my roof once! hahaha During Prop 8 I lived in NYC and was part of several gay groups that protested. The LDS church was on our rounds obviously. Then I had a crazy opportunity to go on a reality TV show on ABC called The Glass House where I debated the issue against a very kind LDS mom. After the show I got hammered with anonymous and non-anonymous haters who wanted to rip me down because of my bold voice on the topic. I moved back to California for work and met a wonderful guy. Three weeks in to dating he told me he is from a very devout LDS family. I revealed my experience on the TV show. Seemed we were destined to meet! We feel in love and are boyfriends now who live together. His family is very unthrilled to say the least. They haven't kicked him to the curb, but they treat me and his sexuality as invisible.

For work I am a Casting Associate Producer for game shows and reality TV. The new docuseries I am working on is about couples who are experiencing some sort of conflict with their families and its getting in the way of them getting married. One of the stories we are looking for is an LDS theme. Maybe LGBTQ focused. Maybe an interfaith couple. I'm going to post the casting notice here and if you need any sort of identifying info from me, I'm happy to provide it. My twitter is and my Facebook is I also have Instagram at "jeffmarxthespot" If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Discretion and privacy are valued on our end at this stage in the casting process. Here is the casting notice:

Hello! My name is Jeffrey Marx and you came up in my research for a new television series that I'm casting. We are looking for engaged or soon to be engaged couples who have at least one member of their family who disapproves of their relationship. Whether its due to race, religion, sexual orientation, class or culture - we want to help bring families together!

In addition to many diverse voices, we are specifically looking for uplifting LDS and ex-LDS personalities who have a story to tell. I'd love to speak with you about helping us spread our casting notice to your community and to explain the show further.

To apply, please submit a brief bio, phone number and a few recent photos of you and your significant other to with the subject line "ATTN: JEFFREY". Couples will be well compensated. Please share this opportunity with your friends and family!

This is one of those shows that comes from a positive place and is looking to help change the world in dynamic ways! Very glad to be working on this one. Looking forward to speaking with you soon!

Many thanks,
Jeffrey Marx
Casting Associate Producer

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