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Post  Post subject: Not sure if this forum is the right place for me  |  Posted: Sun Mar 09, 2014 12:22 am

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Hi, I'm not sure if this forum is for me or not. I joined the LDS church in my youth but became aware that its teachings were in conflict with science as I worked on my degree. This was about the time of Bruce R McConkie's most prominent influence within the church. I ended up leaving the church as a result.

I don't believe in any religion at present.

Reading through some of the posts it seems as though most here believe in religion, just a different variety from the LDS version. If that is the case then maybe this site is not a good place for me to be.

What does everyone think?

Post  Post subject: Re: Not sure if this forum is the right place for me  |  Posted: Sun Mar 09, 2014 5:56 am

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Hello, This Board is for everyone and everyone is welcome here and there are many different views held by people who both read and also write on the Boards. Sometimes, people wish to keep hold of some form of religious belief and so responses to them reflect religious views. Sometimes people ask questions to explore things for themselves too or because they are interested in the different views that people have.

The most important thing is that the Board will help everyone on their own journey to find what is the right path for them, individually. The pathway out of mormonism can be tricky and has challenges, we look forward to hearing your story and to gain insight from your perspective.


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Post  Post subject: Re: Not sure if this forum is the right place for me  |  Posted: Sun Mar 09, 2014 6:32 am
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Hi and welcome. No, there's a good variety of people here. I'm not religious at all either. My journey out of the Church eventually led me right out of religion entirely.

And I LOVE science. Over the past few years, I've been catching up on all of the current scientific knowledge and it has been a fascinating journey. I had dismissed so many scientific truths, simply because the Church had taught me that they weren't true.

I guess we're just a little more tolerant of each other's differences here. If a religious topic gets going, I don't necessarily participate, because it just doesn't apply to me.

"A mind stretched by a new idea can never go back to its original dimensions." - Oliver Wendell Holmes

Post  Post subject: Re: Not sure if this forum is the right place for me  |  Posted: Sun Mar 09, 2014 7:21 am

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Hi and welcome Broken Shelf!

As has been mentioned, there's a good mix of people here. Glad to have you.

I sometimes (ok, maybe often) talk about God because I think that not only can you show scientific problems in the church but also theological problems. So I like to talk about those too.


I resigned from the Church of THE Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints (Feb 2011)

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Post  Post subject: Re: Not sure if this forum is the right place for me  |  Posted: Sun Mar 09, 2014 7:43 am
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Broken Shelf, when you think about it, it is, as Brigham Young once said: "You are either with us, or against us." Thinking for yourself, as you evidently have done, has now given you the high way or highway out. Stick around and get the reassurance that your new choices and views are correct for you. Welcome aboard the forums here.

"When authority masquerades as a power, a simple question will unmask it."

"Just because you think, feel, or believe something is true, doesn't make it true!"

"The doubt of your faith, is not God testing you, but truth trying to emerge and free you."

Post  Post subject: Re: Not sure if this forum is the right place for me  |  Posted: Sun Mar 09, 2014 1:50 pm
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Welcome, Brokenshelf. Shortly after I joined here, I thought this site's members were mostly atheists! And going atheist is a pretty natural direction for someone who was taught that a religion either must have all the answers and be perfect, or else it isn't true at all. Religions, like people, however, are all partly right, partly wrong, always changing. We've had a vocal pagan here - and I am a little sympathetic to some types of "paganism," though maybe not the most common modern style. And then there's Productofchoice, an admitted (gasp) theist, and myself, another admitted (gasp) theist, although our views of that Ultimate Reality are not the same. Unless you just don't want to hear any religious talk (pro-religion talk) at all, you'll fit in here perfectly.

The common link of our community is that we were all Mormons at one time, or are now, or have had someone close to us be (maybe still be) a Mormon, and are at some stage of what some sociologists might call "recovery" - recovery from mistaken beliefs that had a strong hold on our lives, or recovery from mental and emotional abuse, or recovery from "co-dependent" relationships with a somewhat strange sub-culture. Like the Earth, wherein all people were born and breathe air, but hold different opinions, we all were born (into the non-mormon world) and breathe a new air (of truth), but still we have different opinions. Some are strongly held, mutually incompatible opinions. Like belief in God and disbelief in God.

Even when the discussions get "warm," though, for the most part we remember that whatever our current beliefs are, we realize we have all succeeded in recognizing our set of mistaken beliefs we held as Mormons, and that as Mormons, we were treated like children or imbeciles or rightly fawning servants by some of our most revered leaders, who were our idols. So we tend to be patient with each other even in the midst of some otherwise very strong back-and-forths. Who knows (well, I think we all do), but that we will soon discover that our present beliefs also are not right, either, forcing us to modify our beliefs once again. How many times I have done that already! Mormons are right!: life is "eternal progression," as far as learning and growing go.

Make yourself comfortable. The site has the ability to put participants on ignore lists. So if someone does rub you the wrong way, you can "ignore" them. I've done that one time, and didn't like it, and finally un-ignored the person. For me, it's better to try to deal with all the types of Mormonisms that try to reconvert us, then to close my eyes to them and give the impression I have "given up." I'll back off from a thread sometimes, to cool down or collect my thoughts before I return, or sometimes decide not to return to that thread, for whatever reason.

You're a free soul here, mate! It's not church. :) Come and go as you like. Listen in where you will. Pipe up where you want. If it helps, it's good. If it's good, it helps.

There are other exmormon sites, but they all have a mix of people with different religious/theological/nonreligious/nontheological views and interests. I wonder if you might like to attend the October Exmormon Conference. That's usually interesting. And meeting other exmormons face-to-face is a big help - it was to me - in self-validating oneself after "failure" to "live up to the standards" of the Church (not of God, but of the Church). Probably the worst thing being an ex-mormon was to think I was the only one, or that I was one of a few and the others were all adulterers, Satan-worshippers, insincere, and coffee-drinkers. Meeting ex-mormons face to face, and faith to faith, is a healing experience. Despite my struggles and growing confidence, when I actually met other exmormons, so many of them, in a normal social setting, with such an incredibly wide range of beliefs and attitudes, that was some special Gate of Freedom and Confidence unlike anything I had experienced up to that time. Others may think I'm a bit syrupy about it, or childish. Sorry 'bout that. It's a fact, that experience was a big turning point in my life, in my attitude about myself. Hey, I even met Infymus there, and you can't hardly beat that. Also, Sandra Tanner, Richard Packham, Arza Evans, and great and funny posters on exmormon sites. Goodness, I think I'm talking myself to going again this year. :)

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Post  Post subject: Re: Not sure if this forum is the right place for me  |  Posted: Mon Mar 10, 2014 12:40 pm

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Thanks for the welcome. I don't get online too much but I'll poke around from time to time.

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