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Problems with Registering? Problems with Account?
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Author:  Infymus [ Mon Aug 08, 2011 7:35 am ]
Post subject:  Problems with Registering? Problems with Account?

If you are having issues with the SPAM Countermeasures (ie. You can't figure it out) you can contact me.

email: infymus_mc AT

Due to a horrendous amount of spammers that register on the Ex-Mormon Forums in order to spam, many email accounts are banned. If you are trying to register on the Ex-Mormon Forums and getting the following error:

The e-mail address you entered is not allowed to be used.

It means that the email address has been banned for spamming reasons.

Creating a new account is currently not possible.

It means that we have turned off new registrations. You will need to email me with an email address, username and password.

The Ex-Mormon Forums Protects Your Identity!!! Use your REAL Email address. We NEVER display your email, we NEVER disclose it, we NEVER distribute it.

IF you want to register on the EMF and want to use a GMAIL account or one blocked above, email infymus_mc AT

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