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Post  Post subject: The Rules Of The Ex-Mormon Forums  |  Posted: Mon Apr 14, 2008 12:12 pm
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The Ex-Mormon Forums are a place for Ex-Mormons AND for Mormons looking to leave Mormonism - whatever stage you may be in - to post messages and get answers. Come here to recover, come here for friendship, stay as long as you want or as long as it takes.

It is a place to recover and find comfort in others who share your feelings and frustrations concerning Mormonism – whatever your stage may be. We have all stages of Mormonism here, from just beginning to find out the truth behind Mormonism – to those who have resigned and have been out for years.

PLEASE DO NOT REGISTER USING YOUR REAL NAME OR REAL INFORMATION. Protect your identity and we will do the same.

1. The Ex-Mormon Forums are not a place for Mormons to come and attack or otherwise try to proselytize to Ex-Mormons or Mormons who are in transition. You are welcome to your opinion here, but you MUST use the DEBATE forum to do so. Any posts you make in other forums will be moved. Snide remarks, trolling and being abusive outside of the DEBATE forum will not be tolerated.

2. We ask that you keep swearing to a minimum. No swearing is allowed in the thread (topic or post name), but you can swear in the post – as long as you are not abusing someone else with extreme profanity. Most swear words are censored out.

3. Please don’t personally attack another person. We’ve been attacked enough by the Cult of Mormonism, let’s not continue that here. Please don’t troll or attack someone just for the purpose of garnering a response. Please don’t belittle or attack another poster. There is a difference between showing the dishonesty of Mormon Apologists, or just simply outright attacking them just because you don’t like them.

4. Any copyrighted material must fall exactly under the “FAIR USE” legality of the United States Copyright Laws. For a complete reference of this, look at the post “Copyrighted Material Posting On The Ex-Mormon Forums”. This shows you what is and is not FAIR USE. Regardless of copyright, DO NOT LINK to the Mormon Cult book called “The Church Handbook Of Instructions” (also known as the “CHI”) -OR- the Bishop's Handbook -OR- the Mission President's Handbook - All secret books used by the Mormon Cult to govern their members. Posting material MUST FALL UNDER the FAIR USE guidelines. Anyone posting links or too much material will be warned, and the post will be edited. Please do not get us in legal trouble with the Mormon Cult – they have deep pockets and hold their fingers on the litigation button in any attempt to silence anyone who disagrees with their institution. The Mormon Church SUED Sandra and Gerald Tanner for copyright infringement simply because they LINKED to a copy of the CHI. Read the lawsuit: ... 1692993785 - Also on Dec 19, 2012 - the Mormon Church sent out cease and desist notices to for hosting a copy of the "Mission President Handbook".

5. Solicitations for information from the members of the Ex-Mormon Forums is not allowed. Please do not register on these forums for the purpose of gathering personal information from our members. Those posts will be immediately locked. As Mormons, we were conditioned to hand that information over readily. As Ex-Mormons, we should be cautious and guard our personal and private information. Note: This does not include POLLS created by members for members.

6. Absolutely NO posting of personal information including pictures of other members is allowed. Moderators will immediately censor these kinds of posts.

7. No re-posting of PMs (personal messages).

8. If you wish to start a thread having nothing to do with Mormonism, do so only in the Off-Topic Forum. That's what it's there for.

9. Do not use the "Website" tag with phpBB for advertisement. If you register only to increase your hits, your account will be deleted and all your posts deleted. This rule usually only exists for those who register and post once.

10. Registering and then using the signature line for advertising will cause your account to be deleted. We get a lot of spammers who register, begin to post, then a few days later start adding advertising for game gold, meds, etc. We watch new registered accounts carefully and will delete them - including all posts once they start spamming.

11. Please don't respond to old threads (greater than 6 months old). If you have something to contribute, please start a new thread.

By participating on the Ex-Mormon Forums, you hereby waive your right to bring any form of legal action against any board participants, owners of the Ex-Mormon Forums, the ISP and/or its assigns.

Enjoy yourself, and welcome to the Ex-Mormon Forums.

Read: MormonCurtain. Resign: MormonResignation. Recover: ExMormonForums.

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